My mission is to be the resource for entrepreneurs as they dive into Internet marketing. I decipher the various options and help you decide what’s right for your business taking into account your industry, your time and budget.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the importance of finding the best solution and iterating as you go along.
— Lisa Taylor Powers

Lisa Taylor Powers is the Founder of The Hive Marketing - the buzz starts here. 

Her speciality is to take a holistic viewpoint of a brand/business to provide solutions to help them grow. Having an objective viewpoint of a business while observing the talent in entrepreneurs is what she does best. Her mission is to provide opportunities for her clients to reach their target audiences and grow! She wants her clients to build their own hives!

With 11 years of marketing experience under her belt, she's worked with small start-ups and large well-known brands- to build brands and grow their businesses. 

Sometimes, she was the client, in your shoes, making the requests. She considers herself an marketing ninja creating a tailored plan with easy solutions for my clients.

Lisa loves to venture into new territory and explore potential. She does best when she's able to develop fresh, creative solutions to routine problems. She's great at testing new waters and adding vital energy to conversations.
A quick study, she has a good sense of humor and finds ease building bridges among people. She's great at organization, logistics, planning, pressure, and deadlines.

When not thinking of new marketing strategies, you'll find Lisa on the trails in Marin, hiking and enjoying the outdoors. She loves to cook, create and paint.