Marketing Assessment

Perhaps you lack a full client list. You need more leads. You're writing your business plan for next year to reach your goals. 

Are you curious about what you're doing right and what you could be doing better in marketing your business?

In this package, you fill out a questionnaire regarding the marketing of your business.

I sit with you to learn more about your goals, needs and what you're up for.

Then, provide you with an assessment document. 

Finally, we meet to discuss these recommendations.

Using industry best practices, knowledge about your target audience as well as your budget and timeframe, this guiding document will help you to understand the necessary steps to a great marketing plan. 


  • Client submits marketing questionnaire
  • Marketing meeting with relevant parties (60 minute meeting))
  • Assessment, competitive analysis and website analysis 
  • Assessment presentation with recommendations (60 minute meeting)

$600 - $1500, depending on complexity